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How It All Began

Let me tell you a little about how this all began: I love my Kitchen: I’m happy in it and it brings me peace and beautiful memories of both my Grandmothers. In 2020 the year we were introduced to COVID-19, the pandemic of the Century. The whole world shut down. I was laid off from work, my young sons school closed, and no one really knew or had any answers as to when the country would reopen so we could return to work.

This, I felt, was the year our whole world turned to e-commerce and depended more than ever on online ordering and delivery. I have always found cooking and baking to be very therapeutic and believe good food and treats are a way of bringing people together.

In that moment in time, I placed my fear, anxiety and the uncertainty of the future into baking cookies. I did so in search of a small window of hope and to see a smile on peoples faces when there were none.

We set up a station in the Kitchen for my young son to “make cookies” with mommy. He was 2 yrs. old, and loved pouring, mixing and making an awesome mess. So we got busy making cookies! I brought that first box of homemade cookies to work for the management team. Because while we were laid off, they where keeping the ship afloat.

Eventually and slowly, we went back to work on a part time basis, very part time. So I kept making cookies, my co-workers kept smiling. And before I knew it, the holidays were fast approaching. The Christmas Cookie Display was up in the local grocery store.

I came across these espresso chips in the Christmas Display, followed the recipe on the back of the package, Voila!! I didn’t like them. After trial and error along with some tweaks and adjustments, the evolution of my signature Quadruple Chocolate Espresso Chip Cookie was born and I brought them to my unofficial test group aka; my co-workers.

My co-workers began asking me, “Hey, when will you be making those cookies again.” “They were so good.” “Hey, I had a cookie once that taste like this or taste like that.” I would make it a few times until I nailed it based of description of the taste and texture.

These questions evolved into, “Have you ever thought about opening your own bakery?” My response to this question was, “Ya know what, yes, I have for many years, but starting a family was more important to me.” To this day, I will never forget the response I heard next. “Girl, you got the family, now go for the bakery!”

The New Year was here. My husband and I took a little break to visit friends. I began to discuss my possible new business venture and idea with my husband and my very close friends, of opening an online cookie shop. My husband was on board for this adventure.

My friends that I shared this information with and had already started their own business’ jumped on board and helped me begin the journey. A few months later, in Spring of 2021, the dream became a reality of Netty’s Cookie Shop.

This really is dedicated to all of my family and friends that have been kind enough to eat many of my cookies, give much feed back, and help cultivate this journey. Eat. Share. Be Kind & Care.

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Special events need a 8 week advance notice. Special events are limited to 2 Cookie flavors.
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Need to make your next wedding, anniversary, birthday, or retirement party more fun? Let Netty’s Cookie Shop bring the smiles to your employees. For more information about options and pricing, contact us at

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Whether a business meeting or your special day, let Netty’s Cookie Shop bring the smiles to your next event. For more information about options and pricing, contact us at